Our Next general shoot is not yet scheduled, but you will be able to find out who's expected to come right here once we start scheduling talent.  Keep checking back, as we update often.

There are 2 ways in which you can create your own match with the wrestlers at Weekend Wrestling.  


  • Customer requests specific wrestlers to wrestle in singles, tag, 3, or 4-way matches. 
  • Weekend Wrestling will direct, produce, and record the match. 
  • The video will be sold publicly at a future time suitable to Weekend Wrestling, but the requesting customer will get early and unrestricted access to view the video at  
  • The customer will be given credit for their contribution at the end of each video. A pseudo-name may be used for providing video credits. You pick your name. 
  • An autographed photo of the wrestlers will be sent to the customer if requested at the time of the order. 
  • The price will be at cost, but can be as low as $500.


  • Customer requests specific wrestlers to wrestle  in singles, tag, 3, or 4-way matches. 
  • Weekend Wrestling will direct, produce, and record the match. 
  • Match may be designed by customer in some or all of the following ways: 
    • Specific gear (no nudity) 
    • Holds/moves (We can not guarantee that all wrestlers have skill level or flexibility for any hold/move.  Substitutions may be necessary) 
    • Match flow (e.g., squash, 2-on-1, knock-down-drag-out, etc.) 
    • Venue (ring, mats) 
    • Finisher (pin, submission, combination) 
    • Basic script 
  • The video will NOT be sold publicly and the customer will receive a DVD, if requested during ordering and get unrestricted access to view the video at  
  • The price will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

For all orders and inquiries, please email

If you are a wrestler who is interested in working for Weekend Wrestling, please email us at

Please understand that there is no negotiation on the following:

Weekend Wrestling is not a porn site, and is not interested in producing content including nudity or sex.   

All matches will be conducted in a safe manner as determined by Weekend Wrestling and trained talent. 

Payment is due at the time of the order.  No order will be processed without payment.  Refunds are only made if Weekend Wrestling is unable to contract the talent specified by the customer.   

Talent is subject to availability and agreement to terms.   

Weekend Wrestling will use its typical high quality of standard in the direction, production, and recording of the content. 

All identity and contact information about the customer will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the staff of Weekend Wrestling.  All legal names, online identities and contact information about the talent will not be share with the customer, other than ring names commonly used by the talent.