Do I need a subscription to watch videos?

No.  Each video can be purchased or rented individually without a membership, however, check out the benefits for subscribing before you buy or rent your first video.  It may be worth your while to purchase a subscription, since we offer monthly incentives to our paying subscribers.  

Do I need a subscription to view the galleries?

Yes, the galleries are a benefit for subscribers only.

Can I download videos?

We only allow you to stream content at this time.  If you'd like to purchase a DVD, see below.

Do you sell DVDs?

Yes.  We will send you a custom DVD for any videos that you have purchased (not just rented) for an extra $7 per video.  Please send requests to info@weekendwrestling.com.  Include the names of the videos that you'd like to have mailed to you. 

Can I send a message to your wrestlers?

Yes.  Please send any mail to fanmail@weekendwrestling.com and we will forward your mail to whichever wrestler you specify.  Please send separate emails for each individual wrestler.  We will not exchange private contact information.