How do I wrestle a wrestler at Weekend Wrestling?

Send us an email with information from our Bookings section.

Do I need a subscription to watch videos?

No.  Each video can be purchased or rented individually without a membership, however, check out the benefits for subscribing before you buy or rent your first video.  It may be worth your while to purchase a subscription, since we offer monthly incentives to our paying subscribers.  

Do I need a subscription to view the galleries?

Yes, the galleries are a benefit for subscribers only.

If I have purchased or rented videos and I decide that I want to cancel my subscription, will I lose access to this content?

When you cancel, we stop processing subscription payments, but you do not lose access to your account and purchased videos are accessible for as long as you hold an account with Weekend Wrestling.

Rented content will be accessible for the amount of time that you rented it for or until the end of the paid billing period, whichever is sooner.

You will have access to all other subscription benefits until the end of paid billing period.

Can I download videos?

We only allow you to stream content at this time.  If you'd like to purchase a DVD, see below.

Do you sell DVDs?

Yes.  We will send you a custom DVD for any videos that you have purchased (not just rented).  See shipping costs below.  Send requests to info@weekendwrestling.com.  Include the names of the videos that you'd like to have mailed to you.  

We custom burn every DVD.  Videos will be combined on discs as they fit unless otherwise requested.

DVD Shipping Costs:

Within the United States:

1-3 videos:    $9.00  USD

4-6 videos:    $18.00 USD

7-9 videos:    $27.000 USD

More than 10 videos:  Please contact us for custom pricing.

Outside of the United States

Please contact us for custom pricing.

Can I send a message to your wrestlers?

Yes.  Please send any mail to fanmail@weekendwrestling.com and we will forward your mail to whichever wrestler you specify.  Please send separate emails for each individual wrestler.  We will not exchange private contact information.

Can I get a Refund?

See Refund Policy