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Our next big shoot will be November 4-6, 2022

Deadline for orders is November 1, 2022

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Choose your Wrestlers from either List Below

Wrestlers Expected at the Next Shoot

will appear below as they are scheduled. They will not be available until the scheduled shoot.

6'0" 195 lbs

7'0" 305 lbs

5'11" 175 lbs

5'10" 165 lbs

5'9" 207 lbs

Local Wrestlers

are not scheduled to appear at this shoot, but may be available upon request and may be available at any time outside of the shoot dates.

5'11" 200 lbs

6'3" 230 lbs

5'7" 170 lbs

5'9" 190 lbs

5'10" 215 lbs

5'10" 193 lbs

5'11" 160 lbs

6'0" 230 lbs

6'0" 209 lbs

<p><span class="underline">Custom</span></p>


  • Customer requests specific wrestlers to wrestle  in singles, tag, 3, or 4-way matches. 

  • Weekend Wrestling will direct, produce, and record the match. 

  • Match may be designed by customer in some or all of the following ways: 

    • Specific gear (no nudity) 

    • Holds/moves (We can not guarantee that all wrestlers have skill level or flexibility for any hold/move.  Substitutions may be necessary) 

    • Match flow (e.g., squash, 2-on-1, knock-down-drag-out, etc.) 

    • Venue (ring, mats) 

    • Finisher (pin, submission, combination) 

    • Basic script 

  • The video may not be sold publicly and the customer will receive a DVD, if requested during ordering and get unrestricted access to view the video at www.weekendwrestling.com


  • The price will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

<p><span class="underline">Sponsored</span></p>


  • Customer requests specific wrestlers to wrestle in singles, tag, 3, or 4-way matches. 

  • Weekend Wrestling will direct, produce, and record the match. 

  • The video will be sold publicly at a future time suitable to Weekend Wrestling, but the requesting customer will get early and unrestricted access to view the video at www.weekendwrestling.com.

  • The customer will be given credit for their contribution at the end of each video. A pseudo-name may be used for providing video credits. You pick your name.

  • An autographed photo of the wrestlers will be sent to the customer if requested at the time of the order. 

  • The price will be at cost, but can be as low as $500.

<p><span class="underline">Ala Carte</span></p>

Ala Carte

We can incorporate specific holds, moves and/or finishers into any match between scheduled wrestlers. Contact us at: customs@weekendwrestling.com for details and prices. Examples of these are:

  • Bodyslams

  • Backbreakers

  • Camel Clutches

  • Elbow Drops

  • Low Blows

  • Wedgies

  • Suspended Surfboards

  • Single Leg Cradle Pins

  • Heart Punch

We can not guarantee that all wrestlers have skill level or flexibility for any hold/move. Substitutions may be necessary.

Put yourself in the Director's Chair

  • Call the holds and moves

  • Create your favorite fantasy with your favorite wrestlers

  • Choose the wardrobe

  • Pick the storyline


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you film nude wrestling or sex?

No. Weekend Wrestling is not a porn site, and is not interested in producing content including frontal nudity or sex.

When do I pay for the video?

Payment is due at the time of the order. The deadline is typically 3 days before a shoot date, but will be posted on the CYO info page. No order will be processed or scheduled without payment.

What is the price?

Prices are estimated on a case-by-case basis. This is a highly complex equation that includes talent wages, travel expenses, rental equipment, etc. Some of these costs fluctuate with their respective markets. Request a price estimate here.

How long will it take to get my video?

We process CYO post-editing in the order in which they were paid-for. In most cases it should take no more than 10 days from the last day of our shoot until you have access to your video.