How to Cancel my Subscription

Once you cancel your subscription, we stop processing subscription payments, but you do not lose access to your account and purchased videos are accessible for as long as you hold an account with Weekend Wrestling.

content will be accessible for the amount of time that you rented it for or until the end of the paid billing period, whichever is sooner.

You will have access to all other subscription benefits until the end of paid billing period.  This includes Galleries.

To cancel a subscription:

  • Logged in customers can navigate to the user Dashboard via the My Account or Dashboard link
  • From the user dashboard, click on Billing

How to cancel a subscription 1
  • In the Billing View, locate the Active Plan and click Change Plan

How to cancel a subscription 2
  • Click Cancel Membership. Once this step is complete, the subscription will be officially canceled.

How to cancel a subscription 3